The sale of cannabis products has been launched in Brazil since yesterday

The resolution of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), which regulates trade, is already in force

Since Tuesday (10/3), the importation and marketing of cannabis products for medical purposes is authorized in Brazil. Anvisa's resolution, limited to medical purposes, requires the presentation of a Type A medical prescription and the signing of a consent form. According to the standard, products can be sold in pharmacies and the patient must present a prescription signed by a doctor, to buy products whose THC content does not exceed 0,2 %.

Above this quantity, the products can only be prescribed to terminally ill patients who have already exhausted all forms of palliative treatment.

Products cannot have a trade name, and the patient and their legal guardian must sign an informed consent form at the time of purchase. The label must include a black band and specific warnings, such as the possibility that the product causes physical or psychological dependence.

To produce the cannabis derivative, which is not considered a drug, but a product for medicinal use, Anvisa will issue a health authorization to the laboratory authorizing the supply. Normally, the agency will grant a recording to the laboratory, but the rule does not apply in this case.

One more step for Brazil?

Anvisa's regulations, from this Tuesday, allows patients suffering from various neurological diseases, from chronic pain to Parkinson's disease, to legally access the product, as is already done in countries like Germany, the United States, Canada and Israel.

Since 2016, use could be requested from Anvisa, but authorization only came after the agency had analyzed the case by case and the acquisition had been made abroad.

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