Coronavirus: in the Netherlands, after toilet paper and pulp, stocks of cannabis

Dutch flock to coffee shops after closure announced

After toilet paper and pasta ... cannabis: Dutch cannabis smokers were lining up in front of coffee shops on Sunday to stock up on supplies one last time before the closure ordered by the authorities in order to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

In single file, customers waited patiently in the hope of making their reservations before the coffee shops lower their curtains for an unknown period of time but which could be counted in weeks.

The Dutch government ordered the Sunday 18:00 p.m. closure of all schools, bars, restaurants, brothels ... and coffee shops, in order to control the progression of the coronavirus pandemic.

As famous in the world as the red light district of Amsterdam, the coffee shops closed at 18 p.m.

"We won't be able to have any more grass for the next two months possibly, so it would be nice to have some at home," said Jonathan, a Dutchman met in front of a coffee shop in The Hague, warned by a friend of the government's announcement.

After the joint press conference of the Minister of Health and the Minister of Education announcing the closure of many businesses and schools, queues formed in a few minutes outside the establishments.

Many photos of these queues in front of coffee shops in Amsterdam, on the German border, or in the historic student city of Utrecht, were visible on social networks.

“In case we have weeks or months to stay at home, I would not be against some grass. Quarantine can be a long time… ”, says Hannah, who rushed downstairs and found herself facing“ this queue of 30 people, with cars arriving ”.

Although theoretically illegal, the sale and consumption of a maximum of five grams of cannabis per person has been tolerated in the Netherlands since 1976 in coffee shops while cultivation and wholesale remain prohibited and are in the hands of criminal groups.

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