Ghana: the use of cannabis now legalized

Ghana has just joined the African countries that have legalized the use of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes.

On Friday March 20, the Ghanaian Parliament adopted a bill from the Narcotics Control Board on the use of cannabis. Ghana legalizes and joins other African countries in the hope of obtaining economic and health benefits from hemp.

The country's parliament has promulgated the draft Law 2019 on the Narcotics Control Board. A drug control body (NACOB) has been set up to supervise the industrial use of certain narcotic substances.

The country hopes to derive economic and medical benefits from cannabis

The new law will allow Ghanaians to use cannabis or hemp fibers for the manufacture of medicines and other derivative products such as biofuel, paper etc. However, the Commission will have the mandate to control and eliminate the trafficking of prohibited drugs in order to ensure public safety.

Health experts have always campaigned to ensure that drug users are properly rehabilitated and are not treated as criminals. New law provides for it and now classifies drug addiction as a public health problem

With the legalization of cannabis for industrial and health purposes, Ghana is joining countries like Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa which are changing their drug laws. Thus, the new laws of Ghana will make room for cannabis to be used to make medicines and hemp fibers.

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