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Kief Aurora Frost reaches 38,7% THC

Canadian company Aurora Cannabis offers Frost, a medical kief containing 38,7% THC

Aurora Cannabis, based in Canada, recently released its latest offer, and it is sumptuous. Using mainly cannabis trichomes to make dried kief, their new product "Frost" reaches 38,7% THC. Even reaching 30% THC in a dried flower product is difficult to achieve. Many cannabis breeders in competition are likely to drool on this exceptional medical kief.

Aurora Frost, from the medical kief to 38,7% THC

This is great news for Canadian patients who use marijuana for medical purposes. Especially for those who do not use concentrates ...Aurora Frost is in the form of kief, and thus an extraction of trichomes of cannabis.

The process itself is fully compliant with GMP standards. This medical kief to 38,7% THC comes with complete lab results. Aurora starts with high quality cannabis and then retrieves the precious trichomes using a slender method.

Trichomes are resinous glands that contain many of the most beneficial compounds in cannabis. Including terpenes and cannabinoids, especially in the case of Frost, a high concentration of THC ...

Most cannabis users have a grinder at home, and this grinder can recover the precious kief. But, the process ofAurora Cannabis is a little different and on an industrial scale ... They have developed a sort of kief catcher that is not just a giant grinder but respects all of Canada's strict medical cannabis rules.

An 100% Indica phenotype

THC is extremely medicinal, but the cannabinoid, which is almost missing 0,08%, is CBD. Many people swear by the power of CBD and it turns out to be a miracle in the treatment of certain conditions such as seizures. In addition, we also find that CBD competes with THC at receptors ... But Aurora Frost products are made from high quality Indica flowers, THC is king in this kind of phenotype ^^

Marketed the 30 May 2018, the product was out of stock the same day ...

The Aurora Frost is probably your best bet on the current market. So if you're lucky enough to get them, use this medical kief with caution ... Aurora ships certified and unsuitable glass bottles to children ... Aurora Frost products are sold in one gram increments, priced from 25 to 35 dollars the gram.

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