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Natural phenomenon, the Northern Lights

How the Northern Lights penetrated the Netherlands and why it became the particularly appreciated strain of the inhabitants

The Dutch have an exceptional taste in cannabis: they know how to cultivate the plant to give its splendor to the flowers, they know how to dry and age the flowering to leave a good taste in the throat while it is smoked, and especially - they know the importance of stable and high quality genetics and "Northern" Lights definitely belongs to the category of stable and high quality genetics, not only has it become one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world. Netherlands over the years, one trader in two in Amsterdam on average has one. Crop breeders around the world are still using "Northern Lights" genetics for hybridization to create great new varieties of cannabis.

The name of the species "Northern Lights" owes its name to the amazing natural phenomenon that occurs near the Arctic and is characterized by the appearance of incandescent lights of different colors in the night sky: theAurora borealis. Nowadays, there is a simple scientific explanation for all this unusual phenomenon, but in the past, people did not know how to define these fascinating lights and countless fairy tales and beliefs were embedded around this question.


The crazy northern lights of the Netherlands made its way to the land of flowers and cheeses directly from the United States. It is widely accepted that the credit for the development of this strain comes from an American known as "The Indian" who lived on an island near Seattle, Washington (yes, the same Washington who recently voted for full legalization cannabis). There he worked on developing and improving plant genetics until he decided to send cuttings to a good friend in the Netherlands to continue working on further improvements in a more comfortable environment. with more sensitive cannabis laws.

Neville schonmaker

This good friend was Neville Schonmaker, an Australian of Dutch origin who had emigrated from his country of origin at the time to cure his addiction to heroin. When he arrived in the Netherlands, he had the idea of ​​creating a genetic database of fine cannabis seeds from around the world. The idea gained ground, Neville actually opened the first “seed bank” in history which made him a millionaire in just two years!

From the selection of seeds (relatively small today) that cannabis growers around the world bought at breakneck speed, Northern Lights seeds were the most sought after and not free strains "Northern Lights" is considered to be the one of the most reliable indica strains of its time today, when breeders continue to use this Hybrid genetics with other strains.

The story of the birth of Northern Lights seeds is a bit vague, but the prevailing opinion is that Neville crossed a female Northern Lights with a male Afghani. At that time, Neville had eleven different plants of the species labeled in numbers ranging from Northern Lights # 1 to Northern Lights # 11. Northern Lights # 5 is considered the most successful when Northern Lights # 1 comes right behind it. All the factories of Northern Lights have been announced, among other things, for the amount of resin they manage to produce and for more than 15% of THC which are in the same resin, a high amount even today, without forgetting it thirty years ago.

The high amount of THC and the impressive resilience of the plant which proves time and time again that it can thrive even under less ideal conditions. All have made "Northern Lights" one of the preferred strains of breeders who continue to use its excellent genetics to supply cannabis users. New vintage green with a fascinating new composition of cannabinoids.

Among the dozens of varieties produced in the Northern Lights hybrid, you will find, among other things, the excellent Hash Plant, which is mainly advertised for the sheer and unusual amount of resin it produces - a resin from which a very the right amount of quality cannabis can be prepared. And the legendary Super Silver Haze which won the Cannabis Cup for three consecutive years (97-99).

You can also take advantage of the fine genetics of Northern Lights. If you don't have one, you can still buy Northern Lights seeds and grow your own!

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