The facinating and curious OG kush

This strain full of mysteries has triggered many controversies both in terms of its name but also over the nature of its genetic origins. Despite everything, it is one of the most famous strains in the world. Created in the 90s in California, it is nevertheless accepted by many that OG Kush is a cross of Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai and Chemdawg. OG Kush has been used to create many famous strains like Bubba kush and there are many different OG Kush phenotypes including Tahoe OG, SFV OG, and Ghost OG.

OG Kush

Origin of his name:

The meaning of "OG" is the subject of much speculation. The initials are often thought to mean "Original Gangster" and would be a direct reference to the Southern California hip-hop scene of the 1990s. Another possible interpretation, "OG" would be a tribute to the website, known as, Cannabis site very famous and shut down by the authorities at the time. Even famous cannabis grower, Kush Dawg, said OG means "Ocean Grown" because the plant was mostly grown indoors on the east coast of the United States bordering the ocean.

These theories will surprise some connoisseurs, however, they are part of the myth.

Since the relaxation of the laws concerning cannabis, with his friends producers Josh Del Rosso, who made the fame of the og, have also given their version, the strain would be called "OG" because in southern California "og" is the term for someone or something recognized to be original, reliable, "old school" and therefore refers to the genetics that make it up.


Its leaves are yellowish green. It has dense and compact buds, medium to large in size, covered with silvery white trichomes with slightly orange pistils that stand out against its colorful flower of a bright and intense green. Its tops are resinous and very sticky to the touch, but when the bud is very dry, it looks like "a kibble" because its appearance is so tight. The dominant terpenes of this strain are myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene.

Effects and feelings:

Each puff will fill your taste buds with a powerful taste, both earthy "tarry" and spicy with a sweet lemon note, which probably comes from her sativa genetics. The strong pine scent of its smoke teased your sense of smell. Her strong, indica-like scent is so lingering that it's definitely not for those who want to keep a low profile or smoke outside. Its high is muscular and sustained. This multivalent weed, both energizing, energizing but also relaxing and soothing, makes it a perfect combination for use at any time of the day. Its slightly euphoric side makes us positive and open to others. It's also a great way to improve activities that involve the body and mind. Note, some users may experience more intense, its Indica side with deep and relaxing effects, while others may have stronger sativa results and may perceive a more euphoric feeling. All of this makes it a top quality hybrid.

OG Kush medically

First-line, she's a good strain for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. Its stimulating effect can also be useful for people suffering from attention disorders. Thanks to its "long-term effect" and its cleanliness described as "deep relaxant", it is effective in relieving pain and particularly those of muscle origin. Some patients have declared having obtained a really beneficial action to treat their migraines but also in case of nausea and vomiting as well as to soothe various digestive disorders.


OG Kush is 75% Indica and 25% Sativa.

OG Kush can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Indica-dominant strain, whose THC composition has been regularly measured between 18 and 25%. Outdoors, its cultivation requires a Mediterranean-type climate with a high and constant temperature. The plants are rather short and stocky which lend themselves perfectly to indoor cultivation, the plans then measuring between 90cm and 1m, outdoors they can reach over 50m. They need to be pruned well for a good result and are not recommended for novice growers. Your attention should be attracted by its very fragrant and pronounced character throughout its development, indoors it is more than necessary to invest in carbon filters and air extractors.

Both Kush and OG varieties are strains that have their own characteristics. The Kush strain is characterized by relatively higher levels of fenchol, camphene, α-terpineol, linalool and terpinolene; the OG strain, on the other hand, contains mainly compounds of guaiol, myrcene, α- pinene, β-eudesmol and trans-ocimene.

Og kush is a strain that provides both sweetness and tone, it is a tasty blend of proven effects both emotionally and physically. OG Kush is perfect for those who love potent, balanced, intense cannabis strains that are part of the heritage of cannabis cultivation.

OG Kush is 75% Indica and 25% Sativa.

energizing energizer but also relaxing and soothing

powerful taste, both earthy "tar" and spicy with a sweet note of lemon

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